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LEN made a new song and its pretty good

a one-hit wonder from the 90s (“steal my sunshine”) returns with a sesame-street-esque ode to toronto.

and i have to love it because TORONTO!!! even though it is maybe the tackiest song i have heard in a long long while.

Which Toronto will I get to see this summer? Rob Ford’s or Len’s?

Two side notes inspired by this discovery. One: Len has a channel full of music videos of theirs that you’ve never seen (they seem to play off the whole brother/sister thing a lot), and two, Len is totally a band of hipsters. Why do I say this? Well, check out this screenshot from the “Steal My Sunshine” video, which i admit to watching after playing this ode to Toronto:

See that sticker on his bike? That’s a Vice Magazine logo. In 1999. Before most of the hipsters even knew what Vice was.

See? They’re trendsetters. I rest my case.

EDIT: I just found evidence to the contrary about that whole trendsetter thing:

That’s right, the guy from Len discovered Sum 41.

June 14, 2013 // 0:10 // 1 year ago
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    So glad this band is still around
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    Say what you will about Len… but their upbeat sound usually improves my mood.
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    If they’re so proud of their neighborhood (Toronto) why is the lead singer wearing a Yankees cap?
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    Nostalgia, what are you doing in a Len music video?Anyway, this is where I’m from.
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    We were just listening to Len last night on a search for Most Canadian Music Video. This is a good contender.
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