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Penn State’s punishment: What the NCAA took away from the school

  • 5 years of probation handed down by NCAA to Penn State’s program
  • 14 number of years of wins the school must vacate — basically every victory since Paterno was aware of the first allegation
  • $60M the amount the school will be sanctioned by the NCAA; the funds will go towards programs to prevent child abuse
  • four years of bowl bans for the school; they will lose 20 scholarships over four years, and students can transfer source

» No longer the winningest: As a result of the vacated seasons, Paterno will no longer be the NCAA’s winningest football coach, which means that Florida State’s Bobby Bowden is now the winningest coach in NCAA history — and a statistic that once meant everything means nothing.

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July 23, 2012 // 9:28 // 2 years ago
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    Good. That statistic was already worthless if it was held by someone who felt it was a good idea to help conceal and...
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    They really gonna keep taking things away from this man, his WINS though? Thats craaaazy. His legacy will forever be...
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  14. contortedview said: I feel bad for the true student athletes at Penn State however from the imortal quote from ROLLER BALL “no man is bigger than the game”…. Football and its leadership had gotted too big for their own good….sad but necessary….
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