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June 5, 2012

Some exit polling out of Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall election

  • 93% of voters in Wisconsin’s recall already decided on a candidate days before today’s election
  • 52% of Wisconsin voters possess a “favorable” view of unions for government employees
  • 60% of the voters believe recall elections are only intended for “official misconduct” source

» And voter turnout is driving the day. It’s often difficult to parse exit polls like these for the purposes of prognostication, but these numbers do highlight something fairly clearly — this is a battle between political coalitions with long-entrenched attitudes on unions and governance, and the voters are following suit, overwhelmingly having made up their minds well before election day. Turnout is reportedly very high throughout the state, which has bolstered spirits on both sides — don’t blink on this race, it’s living up to the hype right now.

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20:56 // 2 years ago