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January 16, 2013
It was not my bill…The Legislature passed it. I didn’t have anything to do with passing it.
Florida Governor Rick Scott, insisting to his state’s Legislative Black Caucus that he isn’t responsible for the voter ID laws the state passed in 2011. Of course, Scott signed the bill into law, and his administration spent more than $500,000 defending it in court once it became law, so this is a spurious claim, to put it nicely. In other news, a new poll suggests trouble for Scott when he runs for reelection next year. source
13:58 // 1 year ago
March 21, 2012
Federal law says only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections. We typically make this a state-by-state issue, but I don’t know why we don’t enforce that at the federal level. I don’t know why we don’t mandate at the federal level that you have to show proof of citizenship to vote.
Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) • During a town hall meeting, on February 25, in the town of Palatine, Illinois. Walsh applauded efforts by several states around the country to institute Voter ID laws of their own volition, however he doesn’t believe that a few state-level programs go far enough. Many experts continue to insist that such laws are unfairly restrictive on minorities, among other vulnerable voter demographics, and attempt to address a voter-fraud problem that simply does not exist in any significant form. What do you think? Do we need national Voter ID laws like the one Walsh is suggesting? source (viafollow)
14:54 // 2 years ago