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January 3, 2013
16:41 // 1 year ago
July 27, 2012

Amid blogger concern, Skype reassures its users that their privacy is safe

  • situation The widely-used Skype VoIP app has become a key element of private communications through the world. With 250 million active users and strong encryption on its calls, it’s an effective option for phone calls and chatting when distance is an issue or privacy is of utmost concern for the callers.
  • claimSkype, which has been relatively corporate in nature since its 2005 acquisition by eBay (it’s now owned by Microsoft) hasn’t offered strong reassurances to human rights activists. In recent weeks, bloggers have worried that the company has changed its policies to allow for police wiretapping on its calls.
  • rebuttal The company has fought the claims on its Web site: ”Some media stories recently have suggested Skype may be acting improperly or based on ulterior motives against our users’ interests. Nothing could be more contrary to the Skype philosophy,” said Chief Develppment Officer Mark Gillett. source

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18:17 // 2 years ago
May 10, 2011
Microsoft really wanted this. Microsoft right now is trying to do things to keep up with other faster-growing technology companies.
Bahl & Gaynor Inc. money manager Matt McCormick • Explaining why Microsoft went after Skype — offering a reported $8.5 billion for the company. They offered that much because they had to. Skype reportedly rebuffed any offers that were less than $7 billion. Steve Ballmer, during the announcement of the deal, suggested that the technology would be used for, among other things, its Xbox console, Office technology, Windows Mobile phones (where they could gain a real advantage, by the way) and corporate phone software. Skype is so widely-used that Microsoft could be sitting on the next generation of phone technology — something they need to stay in the game. (Also, a side note: Google was the only other serious bidder, but they didn’t get close to $7 billion.) source (viafollow)
20:42 // 3 years ago
May 9, 2011

BREAKING: Microsoft close to buying out Skype. Holy cats!

  • $7 billion for Microsoft to prove that they’re still in the game source

» The deal is close: Reports suggest a deal could be reached by Tuesday, which of course would be big. See, Skype has a huge userbase — around 663 million users — and they make billions of minutes worth of VOIP calls each year. Clearly Microsoft would be a better choice to own this company than eBay, but then again, anyone would’ve been a better choice than eBay.

22:12 // 3 years ago
December 31, 2010

Will China force Skype off the mainland? It’s a strong possibility

China wants to stamp out “unauthorized” VOIP services. The country’s Ministry of Information and Industry Technology said as much in a statement a couple of weeks ago – pointing out that the only services that could run VOIP services were China’s big telecom companies. Skype, still inexplicably partly owned by eBay for some reason, has been gaining major popularity in China lately. Which suggests that, while not explicitly stating it, that the Ministry’s statement was targeted at Skype, with the possibility of lawsuits. Skype, by the way, is on track to make $1 billion from an IPO next year, or more money than God. source

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12:07 // 3 years ago