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January 18, 2012


“Because the biggest producers of content on the Internet are not Google and Yahoo — they’re us – we’re the ones getting policed. The real threat to the enactment of PIPA and SOPA is our ability to share things with one another.”

-Clay Shirky, in his “emergency” TED talk about SOPA and why it would create a “consumption-only Internet.”

Watch this, all. "The threat is this inversion of proof."

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January 16, 2012


Check out Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue from last night’s Golden Globe Awards. Among the highlights:

“For any of you that don’t know, the Golden Globes are just like the Oscars but without all that ‘esteem.’ The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton. Basically.”

“Now, the Hollywood Foreign Press have warned me that if I insult any of you, or any of them, or offend any viewers or cause any controversy whatsoever, they’ll definitely invite me back next year as well.”

How did Mr. Gervais do?

This was funny, but he was funnier last year when he turned Tim Allen’s career into a pinata to smash around at will. His Johnny Depp bit was pretty good, though. 

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January 15, 2012



Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, has released its first ad to air in South Carolina - narrated by Jon Lithgow, the ad goes after Mitt “The Ripper” Romney. And of course, there’s a press release:


The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC Releases First Ad, Begins To Regret Length Of Name

AMERICA – The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC released its first TV ad today, in advance of South Carolina’s upcoming unnamed GOP Primary. The ad, which takes an objective look at Mitt Romney’s private sector experience, is entitled “Attack In B Minor For Strings.”

“Mitt Romney claims to be pro-corporations,” said Jon Stewart, President of The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC. “But would you let him date your daughter’s corporation? Americans have been clamoring for a comprehensive study of this crucial issue, so we splurged for the full sixty-second commercial. We think South Carolinians will agree – they deserve a leader who shares their state’s values, and perhaps even their state’s initials.”

The new spot begins airing today in a major ad buy that will blanket South Carolina from Charleston all the way to North Charleston. Those of you with some free AOL hours left can view the ad here.

The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC, officially known as Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, is an independent, expenditure-only committee that’s been proudly serving the community since late Thursday.

Click through to Colbert’s Super PAC site for more information, including a note from Jon Stewart.

It seems everything Colbert does is pure unadulterated genius.

Nothing like a video that openly suggests Mitt Romney is a serial killer.

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January 12, 2012


Buzzfeed’s 22 year old Andrew Kaczynski is seen as a rising star in the online world - finding rare videos of politicians contradicting themselves and in other compromising situations. Anthony De Rosa, picks this video maven’s brain.

Jack Shafer wonders if the art of digging up dirt on politicians has reached its saturation point.

This kid is my favorite part of BuzzFeed these days. Makes me wish I was that smart when I was 22.

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December 21, 2011

Raining on his parade: A weather personality for KTLA Los Angeles stormed off during a live interview after someone back at the station cut his weather segment short.source

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November 14, 2011


Members of Congress can legally trade stock based on non-public information from Capitol Hill.

As Lizzie O’Leary points out, much of this report owes its information from the work done by Brody Mullins at the Wall Street Journal:

Friends, read up on this story this morning. This is important. This is a major loophole in the law that proves most of the arguments we might have about the financial system. And thanks to “60 Minutes” doing such a thorough report on it, it’s now something that the public will now be able to act upon. Many people are named in the report, including John Boehner and Spencer Bachus.

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November 11, 2011

More island for your buck: Due to recent underwater volcano activity, another Canary Island has been added to the chain. Islanders are already trying to think up names for the new piece of land, built from magma that spewed over 65 feet high. On Saturday, the area was hit by a 4.3-magnitude earthquake, which is when the underwater volcano started erupting. What would you name the new island? Does it have to be a bird? Tweety Island would be too obvious, right? source

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November 8, 2011


Annie Leonard Takes On The Occupy Movement With “Story Of Broke”

This doesn’t really take on the Occupy Movement like Fast Company says, but it certainly does a great job of of explaining tax issues in a way that’s easy to understand.

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October 15, 2011



FOOTAGE. Woman arrested at Citibank 555 Laguardia (around West 3rd/Bleeker). She’s wearing a business suit, clearly not protesting, just there to close her account with the bank as part of a group action. NYPD surround her, scare the shit out of her, and arrest her. For closing her bank account.


If anyone has more information about this video, please contact me.

It doesn’t even look like she was there to close her account. Yikes.

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September 30, 2011

Due to the source of the content, we wanted to do some fact-checking on the banned videos we noted in our post earlier today. Nothing against, the authors of the original article, but we felt it was worth a double-check. So, here we go. Above is a clip of a bizarre protest that took place in March, which involved members of a nationalist anti-authority British organization called the British Constitution Group. The protests, which were covered by both BBC and The Daily Mail (which has significantly more detail and photos), showed a group of people claiming that a bankruptcy proceeding around one of the group’s members was illegal. They attempted to make a citizen’s arrest of the judge; the Magna Carta was cited as the reason they were allowed to make the citizens’ arrest. (We told you it was weird.) Above is video of what happened. If you’re in the UK, you will not be able to watch this video; If you’re in the U.S. and want to see what a blocked video looks like, click through to this proxy. Granted, the video is months old, and its blocking is also months old, but there we go. After some fact checking, we can prove that this video was in fact blocked. source

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