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April 23, 2012

The 13 Most Useless College Majors (As Determined By Science)



1. Fine Arts

2. Drama and Theatre Arts

3. Film, Video, and Photographic Arts

4. Commercial Art and Graphic Design

5. Architecture

6. Philosophy and Religious Studies

7. English Literature and Language

8. Journalism

9. Anthropology and Archeology

10. Hospitality Management

11. Music

12. History

13. Political Science and Government

(Ed: Your primary tumblrs majored in two of these and now work in the field of a third.)

I combined the uselessness of #2 + #9 into something practical.

Raise your hand if you disagree. Money alone doesn’t define the usefulness of these majors, nor should it. And 93 percent of statistics don’t always apply to you.

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