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April 18, 2012
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December 13, 2011
It’s an unfortunate part of what one does today in order to do business and maintain the integrity of the institutional name, the brand name, the organization, the students, whatever it is that one has built the equity in that what we have to do in this digital age.
Barbara Brooks, from The Strategy Group • Commenting on why universities and other not-pornographic groups are buying their .xxx URLs before someone else does. With the recent addition of the .xxx web address to the market, universities (among others) have began buying them for themselves so that the address don’t fall into the wrong hands. ICM Registry CEO Stuart Lawley says that this will “clearly signpost adult entertainment on the Net. For those people who want to find adult content, they can easily find it.” source (viafollow)
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November 9, 2010

Creepbag homophobic stalker dude Andrew Shirvell fired

  • creepy Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell famously got infatuated with a gay University of Michigan student and wrote a hate blog about him. He then showed up on Anderson Cooper’s show, and some magic happened.
  • idiotic An investigation showed a few things: Shirvell was doing much of his blogging and harassment while on the job, he sat outside the guy’s home at 1:30 in the morning, and he stalked the guy’s friends around Ann Arbor. So, yeah.
  • fired In reaction to all this information (and let’s not forget the fact that he lied to investigators), Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox fired Shirvell today. Shirvell’s lawyer hilariously blamed “the liberal media” for his client’s firing. source

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October 6, 2010

Voting board asks hackers to wreak havoc, hackers comply

  • invitation DC’s Board of Elections asked hackers to give their new online voting system their “best shot,” hoping to discover its weaknesses.
  • acceptance University of Michigan successfully broke into the system and made it play their college fight song after voters filled out their ballots. source
13:05 // 3 years ago
October 2, 2010

Andrew Shirvell headed towards disciplinary action

Anderson Cooper saved the day, in our opinion. The weirdest story we posted all week looks like it’s going to have a happy ending, if Chris Armstrong’s 11,000-plus Facebook supporters have anything to say about it. Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell’s blatant stalking of University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong has gone from creepy to meme, rendering all of Shirvell’s mean words ineffective. The blog is closed, too. And Shirvell himself, who has taken a leave of absence from his job, is looking at some disciplinary action once he returns. We’re happy that this creepbag is getting what he deserves. source

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September 30, 2010
  • Anderson Cooper, eat your heart out. The guy he’s talking to in this episode of “Anderson Cooper is Awesome” is Andrew Shirvell, an assistant Attorney General for the state of Michigan. In his free time, Shirvell runs this blog. “Chris Armstrong Watch” is basically this guy freaking the hell out over the fact that the University of Michigan’s student-body president is gay. Shirvell’s reasonable reaction to this news is to draw swastikas on Armstrong’s face and stalk Armstrong and all of his friends on Facebook. Because that’s what reasonable people do. Anderson Cooper turns Shirvell, who gets paid money from checks that taxpayers indirectly write, into a laughingstock halfway through the first question. source
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