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May 10, 2012

Harry Potter fans, Accio yourselves a trip to Japan!

  • $500 million to build a Potter theme park in Japan source

» The park should be finished in late 2014. Even J.K. Rowling is on board for the project; she said she’s “delighted to experience and enjoy the attention to detail, creativity and superb craft that went into the first Wizarding World in Orlando.” In related Hogwarts news, Kindle owners have something to look forward to — Amazon is expanding its lending library program to include the Harry Potter books.

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23:01 // 2 years ago
November 3, 2011
We make a lot of @%#$ movies, and every one of them breaks my heart… Wolfman and Babe 2 are two of the &@!#tiest movies we put out.
Universal Studios president Ron Meyer • Providing a somewhat scattological assessment of some of his studio’s films over the years. He wasn’t just picking on Benicio del Toro’s wolflike manner, or Babe’s traipse through the big city, either — he hung Cowboys and Aliens and Land of the Lost out to dry as well. We only wish he’d speak with this sort of candor before the opening weekend box office results roll in, saving us all the trouble. source (viafollow)
15:33 // 2 years ago