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June 21, 2013

New immigration proposal pours money into border security to secure GOP support

  • $6.5B amount allocated to border security in the Senate Gang of Eight’s original immigration proposal
  • $30B new allocation for border security under an amendment proposed by Republicans and passed bipartisanly

This is what happens when Republicans want to pass an immigration bill but are afraid of being primaried from the right for doing so. Notably, this amendment was the less conservative of two proposed—Sen. John Cornyn’s amendment, which failed, would have required a 90% apprehension rate of would-be immigrants at the border before a path to citizenship would be available for undocumented workers. source

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August 29, 2011
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May 26, 2011

Supreme Court sides with Arizona on immigrant worker law

  • 5-3 states can take away business licenses, the SCOTUS says source

» Obama and the Chamber of Commerce, together at last: In a decision in a case that put two longtime adversaries on the same side of a losing battle, the Supreme Court backed an Arizona immigration law that encourages employers to verify their workers — or they could lose their business license if they knowingly hire undocumented immigrants. We don’t know if we agree with the Supreme Court’s decision on this case — especially because it could lead to a number of copycat laws as a result of this. (By the way, in case you were wondering: Justice Elena Kagan didn’t vote in the case, as it came up while she was still Solicitor General.)

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March 24, 2011

On Chipotle’s treatment of undocumented workers

jeffmiller said: What choice does Chipotle have? It is a crime to hire these people. To continue to employ them, knowing their status, could have meant jail. Blame Congress, not Chipotle, for this.

» We say: For us, it’s not so much the firing itself (which is understandable and doesn’t leave much room for debate) as the tactic used — telling someone during their break, and then replacing them during their shift is pretty terrible. While I’m assuming Chipotle probably couldn’t have done the two weeks notice thing in this case, it does come across as cold. Given their reputation as a good corporate citizen, it seems off-base for them. And I’ve personally eaten at both of the restaurants in question before, so I’m sure some of the people who got fired made those burritos.

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