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December 1, 2012

LGBT activists hope Ugandan parliament adjourns without “kill the gays” bill vote

  • then Weeks ago, Ugandan Speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga said that an anti-gay bill being considered by the body (which you may have heard of before) would be passed as “a Christmas gift” to the people of Uganda. Homosexuality is already criminalized in Uganda, but the new bill would impose harsh new penalties, including life imprisonment for “serial offenders” (it used to suggest execution for such acts, though this appears to have been removed).
  • now Uganda’s LGBT population, and those concerned about this human rights battle worldwide, have found a ray of hope. Despite what had been anticipated as an easy pass into law, unrelated strife in the parliament (an explosively contentious bill regarding oil agreements) has forced a two-day shutdown by the aforementioned Speaker Kadaga. When parliament reconvenes, should the oil bill still be the issue before them, and they aren’t able to make progress on it swiftly, the clock could run out without a vote on the anti-gay law — December 14th is their last day in session this year. Which would mean it’s author, MP David Bahati, would have to reintroduce it next year, and start the process over again. source
16:25 // 1 year ago