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November 25, 2012

Uganda’s infamous anti-gay legislation looks primed to pass

A dark day for human rights looks imminent in Uganda, as a bill outlawing homosexuality is expected to be passed by parliament sometime in the near future (the parliament’s speaker said they’d pass it as a “Christmas gift" to their constituents). If this sounds familiar, it’s because the bill sparked international attention the last time it was brought forward by its author, MP David Bahati (featured here debating the legislation with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow). Domestically speaking most, but critically not all, voices have condemned the bill, which once provided for the execution of “serial” homosexuals. It’s reported that the death penalty is now off the table, traded for life imprisonment — a truly cold comfort, unless, like Christian fundamentalist radio host Bryan Fischer, one actually cheers this sort of inhumanity, and seeks it on American soil. source 

17:57 // 1 year ago