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February 21, 2013
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December 17, 2012
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February 17, 2012
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August 10, 2011

"Lopez Tonight" gets the ax; final episode is tomorrow night

  • 40% ratings drop; George Lopez, he ain’t no Conan source

» “Lopez Tonight” is no more. Apparently TBS couldn’t justify “high production costs of the program given the revenues coming in.” Let’s have a moment of silence for the comedian, who let Conan take his time slot but didn’t get a ratings bump in return.

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January 2, 2011

In general, we’re watching more television – and a LOT less CNN

  • +1% the increase in the total audience on all cable and broadcast television channels in 2010
  • -7% the decrease in Fox News’ total audience – they’re still on top of the cable news game
  • -34% the decrease in CNN’s total audience – the worst of any cable network, period source

» Time to bring back “Pop-Up Video”: Behind CNN, the second-biggest loser in cable was VH1 (down 31 percent), which, unlike big gainer The History Channel (up 34 percent), is unable to bank on an antiques-and-pawn-shop lineup to pump up the ratings.

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October 10, 2010

CBS is totally kicking TV ratings butt this season. Here’s why

  • Big-Tent broad appeal Rather than going for the lucrative 18-49 advertising demo, CBS makes an effort to hit everyone. This season, they’re leading every demographic – including 18-49 – and they’re doing better than usual with younger viewers.
  • basic, not basic cable Instead of trying to hone on on specific, profitable demographics on cable, they’ve stuck with their bread and butter. Sure, CBS owns Showtime, but they don’t have a bunch of basic cable niche channels like the other networks do.
  • Building up, bit by bit CBS adds bits and pieces to their programming repertoire year after year that together create a well-oiled machine. And most of it works. (Well, barring “*#@! My Dad Says,” which has decent ratings but awful reviews.) source
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September 28, 2010

New TV season: Critically-respected “Lone Star” the first to fall

  • 8 days and done for the first series cancellation of the season source
  • 4.1 the series’ ratings for its first episode last Monday
  • 3.7 the series’ ratings for its lamentably last episode this Monday
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