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May 18, 2013
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May 17, 2013

To the people complaining that “Yahoo will ruin Tumblr like it ruined Flickr”


I am super bored of hearing this.

Could Yahoo have done a better job of managing Flickr? Absolutely.

In retrospect, if they’d been patient and poured money into it like Facebook did with their own photo-sharing features, Flickr might have been a lot bigger. (Facebook is by far the world’s biggest photo-sharing site, and tagged photos was key to its early growth, something Flickr didn’t add until 2007)

But that’s in retrospect. In 2005, it wasn’t at all clear what to do. Everyone in the industry was still feeling the burn of gigantic, unprofitable acquisitions prior to the great crash of 2001, so paying money for an barely-profitable site like Flickr still seemed like madness, even within Yahoo. So Yahoo focussed on making it profitable — and succeeded, which is no mean feat.

Could Flickr have done better staying independent? Absolutely no way.

And the way you can tell that for sure is that they let Yahoo acquire them. It’s not like Yahoo in 2005 had a great reputation; the only reason you’d do it is if you were out of money and out of options. In 2005, nobody was going to give Flickr the hundreds of millions of dollars in fresh capital they needed and hope for the best: it was exit or die.

On top of the bare financial reality, it is an open secret at Yahoo (my former employer) that Flickr’s internals are and have always been an architectural nightmare. They had no idea how to scale and needed huge investment just to dig themselves out of the technical debt they’d accrued. It could have been better, sure, but without Yahoo it would have been much, much worse.

Yahoo didn’t kill Flickr; Yahoo saved Flickr from itself.

Here’s a lesser-heard take on the Yahoo/Tumblr thing from Laurie Voss, who is a former Yahoo employee and has some good insight on the matter as a result.

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Good news everyone. Something is probably going to happen that you may not like. Whatever it is will get announced this coming Monday.

Good news everyone. Something is probably going to happen that you may not like. Whatever it is will get announced this coming Monday.

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Yahoo paid billions for a somewhat-Tumblr-like site back in the ’90s

  • $3.6B was the amount Yahoo bought Geocities for back in 1999. Remember Geocities? The Tumblr of the ’90s, complete with customizable pages? It’s still around, right? (via Hacker News) source
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May 16, 2013
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May 14, 2013
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May 8, 2013

there’s like a 7-year-old on the bus next to me and he’s on Tumblr



I am like twenty years older than this child.

I am so confused.

heh, He probably has more followers than all of us too.

That’s SFB’s newest writer, Whateverthatkid’s Nameis.

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