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July 18, 2012
Interestingly, it could be a blank website that provides the greatest hint as to who Romney will pick.
The Daily Dot’s Justin Franz • Claiming that Mitt Romney’s vice president might be hinted at simply by reading the social media tea leaves. Their guess? TPaw. Tim Pawlenty? Their evidence: Pawlenty’s site is currently down and has a “Please come back later” message on it, and that he hasn’t updated his main social media outlets in two or more weeks. Bobby Jindal and Rob Portman, the other two candidates suggested to be in the top three, have meanwhile kept their social media presences strong. Will the Web give away the story before Romney can announce it? That’s what The Daily Dot seems to be banking on.
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August 14, 2011
I should be happy about this and in some ways I am. I don’t want a conservatism devoted to soothing the culture war base with government aid and support. But a reasonable small government conservative? Someone who does not actually despise government? Someone who can see the fruits of compromise for the body politic as a whole? Tumbleweeds, no? Even Huntsman joined the hands up moment - perhaps the most important single moment in recent GOP politics - when all the candidates declared they would walk away from a debt deal that was 10 - 1 spending cuts to revenue increases. That was when they told us they were an ideological and religious movement, not a party fit for actual government.
Andrew Sullivan, on Tim Pawlenty’s drop and the modern GOP. (via pantslessprogressive)

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