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March 21, 2011

Stock market: A huge merger goes a long way to revive stocks

  • whatDespite the extreme uncertainty caused by the Japanese quake and Libya unrest, the Dow Jones Industrial jumped above 12,000 for the first time in nearly two weeks.
  • why The AT&T/T-Mobile merger, silly! In fact, that whole mess seems to have pushed up the entire market for everyone except for Sprint, which fell far today. source
20:09 // 3 years ago
March 20, 2011

AT&T’s T-Mobile buyout: Infrastructure, antitrust concerns at play

  • 35 million subscribers on T-Mobile’s current wireless setup
  • 100M number of subscribers Verizon has, buoyed by a large infrastructure that nobody can touch
  • 95M number of subscribers AT&T has — if the merger goes through, they’ll top Verizon
  • 40M number of subscribers Sprint has; they were also having merger talks with T-Mobile source

» It’s all about infrastructure: AT&T is trying hard to play catch-up with Verizon, which not only has more customers and bandwidth, but also now has the iPhone. The bummer for T-Mobile users is that AT&T’s monthly rates are far higher than T-Mobile’s, which as you might guess has people worried. While T-Mobile has tried to get ahead of talk like this, the concerns are enough that many analysts are warning that the deal won’t go through.

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21:30 // 3 years ago