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November 6, 2012

On the Washington Free Beacon

motherjones says: Mother Jones: Hey, we love ya SFB! But not for nothing: Comparing ThinkProgress to the WFB — which is a fratty, race-baiting, anonymous bunch of guerrilla drivel — is kind of off-base.


» SFB says: Hey, we didn’t say it was good! If it’s not the ThinkProgress of the right, it wants to be, but based on that video we just posted, doesn’t do that great of a job pulling it off. Fair enough? :) — Ernie @ SFB


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February 18, 2011


I lost a baby. But for you to stand on this floor and suggest as you have that somehow this is a procedure that is either welcomed or done cavalierly or done without any thought is preposterous. To think that we are here tonight debating this issue, while the American people, if they are listening, are scratching their heads and wondering “what does this have to do with me getting a job? What does this have to do with reducing the deficit?” The answer is nothing at all. (via ThinkProgress » Revealing Her Own Abortion, Rep. Speier Criticizes Conservatives For Failing To Empathize With Women)


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