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May 25, 2012
Our priority is to ensure children continue to be served by these programs. We were shocked and saddened by the events that led us here, but we are committed to the future of these children and their families and look forward to building on the outstanding work done by so many individuals who have been a part of The Second Mile over the years.
Arrow Child & Family Ministries CEO Mark Tennant • Discussing his plans for the assets of the Second Mile in a statement published on the closing charity’s Web site this morning. The Second Mile’s closing was caused largely due to the negative reputation the charity built in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky case.
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November 30, 2011
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November 18, 2011
No decision has been made. I told (the New York Times) exactly what I told (The Patriot-News); we have three viable options.
The Second Mile CEO Dave Woodle • Refuting a New York Times report that the charity would fold as a result of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Woodle says those three options are to continue as The Second Mile, change the charity’s name but not its focus, or to fold it entirely. ”We hope (option No. 3) doesn’t happen,” he continued. “We’re only into this four days. We’re figuring out what’s viable.” Do you think it’ll continue?
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