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June 7, 2011
It’ll be sort of a little bit of what Oprah did. Obviously, no one can ever fill Oprah’s shoes, but some of the things that she did on her show, some of the things we used to do on the Today show.
Katie Couric • Describing to Jay Leno her plans for her new show, which will hit the airwaves around September of next year. She signed a contract with ABC on this matter yesterday, and her right-hand man for the show is Jeff Zucker, a man who can get thrown out of NBC during a huge merger, but can’t make coffee. Her transition comes at the perfect time — her main competition is pretty much gone, her rep for news reporting faltered with her time on CBS, and with the ABC deal, she gets to keep her toes in the news side if she so desires. source (viafollow)
11:26 // 3 years ago