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March 23, 2012

Syria: Assad’s wife faces travel sanctions, could lose British citizenship

  • banned After a series of e-mails leaked from the Syrian government, one of the figures who looked really bad in the wake of all that — first lady Asma al-Assad — was put under a travel ban and asset freeze in the European Union. Ouch.
  • allowed However, as Asma is a British citizen (unlike her husband Bashar al-Assad), she is not under a travel ban in the UK, one of the countries where she reportedly discussed going on a super-expensive shopping spree.
  • revoked But Asma’s citizenship could change soon, as the British government is looking into possibly revoking it entirely. The British government can revoke someone’s UK citizenship if it’s ”conducive to the public good.” source

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18:30 // 2 years ago
November 27, 2011

Arab League approves tough sanctions for Syria amidst unrest

Changes that Could hit the government and its people financially: Weeks after the Arab League suspended Syria over its handling of anti-government protesters, the influential regional organization ratcheted up the sanctions — with member countries agreeing to stop transactions to and from the country’s central bank and cutting off funding for infrastructure projects. The Syrian government has called foul on the sanctions, claiming on state television that the moves are “unprecedented measures aimed at the Syrian people.” Meanwhile, the violence that led to the sanctions continued unabated on Sunday. source

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10:21 // 2 years ago
November 16, 2011

Arab League may impose economic sanctions on Syria

  • 3 day deadline for end to violence in Syria, Arab League says source

» Suspended and sanctioned? That’s the possibility facing Syria in the days to come. It was last Saturday that the Arab League voted to suspend Syria today if there was not a halt to the brutal violence and oppression by the government (Syria had already flagrantly ignored an agreement with the Arab League to facilitate this on November 3rd). Should the violent oppression not stop within three days, the price would be economic sanctions imposed by the League, which could have significant consequences for the Syrian citizenry as well.

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20:36 // 2 years ago