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July 8, 2011

Breakthrough Medicaid study proves its usefulness

  • 35% increased likelihood Medicaid users would go to a doctor
  • 15% increased likelihood they would use prescription drugs
  • 30% increased likelihood they would get admitted to the hospital source

» A new study with broad ramifications: The results of the National Bureau of Economic Research’s study may seem obvious, but the debate on whether or not to cut funding for Medicaid has long rested on whether experts thought low-income people would actually use the public form of medical insurance. The new study proves this is the case, and does it in an interesting way — rather than comparing the insured to the uninsured (a common tactic used before), the study treated Medicaid the same way researchers might treat a drug. The result? Fellow researchers are hailing the study as “historic” and say it’ll shape national health care debates for years to come.

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14:08 // 3 years ago
March 24, 2011

Air traffic snafu gives way to FAA study on staffing levels

Air traffic control lapse at reagan Airport: Two planes were left unguided for about fifteen minutes, and were forced to circle the airport while contacting a regional FAA office. The office, after verifying that the control tower was unresponsive, guided both planes in for the landing. Officials have said the controller may have been asleep, though that isn’t yet certain. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood he said that he’s directed the FAA to study staffing levels at airports, and that only having one controller on duty is “not acceptable.” source

13:38 // 3 years ago
February 14, 2011

Study rules new winner in “history’s biggest bear” contest

  • 2M the age, in years, of the skeletal remains of a South American bear have been studied
  • 11 the bear’s projected height (in feet), giving this fellow the mantle of tallest bear ever
  • 3,500the bear’s projected weight (in pounds), which easily breaks that record, as well source
15:30 // 3 years ago