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February 3, 2011
After another losing season in which your recently acquired $78 million over-the-hill quarterback got benched and your corpulent $100 million defensive lineman simply refused to play, it is heartening to see you focusing your resources on trying to punish a newspaper. Yes, it may be a dreadfully arrogant and stupid thing to do. But the point is, you seem to want to do it. And believe me, what makes you happy makes me happy.
Washington Post columnist (and supergenius) Gene Weingarten • Writing about Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder’s decision to sue the Washington City Paper for publishing this article about him. The piece, a mostly-hilarious thing that suggests severe mismanagement of a beloved franchise, angered Snyder so much that he fought for the firing of the person who wrote the article about him. So… just to be clear, guys, Snyder just sued an alt-weekly for writing an article about him nobody outside of DC would’ve seen, or anyone inside of DC would have remembered, had he just taken it for what it was – an attempt to poke fun at an unpopular sports personality. Streisand effect, 1, Dan Snyder, 0.  source (viafollow)
22:11 // 3 years ago
November 18, 2010
Just today we sold 10 cases. I think the news is helping sales.
DC liquor store cashier Shashi Sharma • Mentioning how the FDA’s coming ban on Four Loko is having something of a Streisand Effect on the remaining product. Reports of sellouts of the drink far and wide have made it a hot commodity, one which may lead to lots of people actually taking this video seriouslysource (viafollow)
10:50 // 3 years ago