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February 24, 2012

On Ryan Braun and “integrity” … on both sides of the coin

lateralsymmetry says: What this really highlights is the importance of evidence handling. Here’s a great article by former lawyer-current baseball writer Craig Calcaterra regarding it: hardballtalk.nbcsports….

» SFB says: It’s a pretty interesting story that has appeal outside of sports because of the implications of its legal ramifications, and what it says about integrity on the other side of the coin. Calcaterra’s piece does a great job on touching that: ”That reason is not, contrary to popular grunting, to make it harder for decent prosecutors or authorities to do their jobs. It’s to ensure the integrity of the system. And, in this case, the integrity of the sample.” Athletes in these cases often get the brunt of the media smear; there’s something to be said about the people investigating the case. — Ernie @ SFB

11:59 // 2 years ago