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October 29, 2011
Obviously we are here in October — we were supposed to do this show in August. Obviously, the stage is different, you are different and we are different. We are all changed by what happened then. But we are going to try to give you the best show that we can and to celebrate healing with you and to celebrate life and music with you here tonight.
Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles • Speaking at a concert in Indianapolis on Friday night, the duo’s first since a devastating stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair that killed seven people and injured dozens of other people — just before they were to go on stage. Some of the injured were at the concert on Friday (which, by the way, was free). The concert was emotional, but got good reviews from Sugarland fans, who felt it balanced a tough incident with a powerful performance.
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August 19, 2011

Pukkelpop was cancelled Friday, a day after a collapsed stage, violent storm and uprooted trees killed five and injured 140 at the Belgian music fest, which included major acts (the Foo Fighters, Eminem) and up-and-comers (Odd Future, Crystal Castles). Many of the acts that played or were scheduled to play have offered condolences for the tragedy on Twitter. It’s the latest in a long line of devastating stage collapses this summer, and the worst so far by injuries. Sadly, a sixth person died in the Indiana State Fair incident from last week. source

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August 14, 2011
We are all right. We are praying for our fans, and the people of Indianapolis. We hope you’ll join us. They need your strength.
The members of Sugarland • In a tweet sent out soon after last night’s devastating stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, where Sugarland was performing last night. There has been a spate of these lately — just last weekend, The Flaming Lips suffered a bunch of damage to their gear after a similar stage collapse in Oklahoma which took out a massive video screen. And prior to that, Cheap Trick had a stage fall to the ground in Canada, nearly injuring the band and thousands of spectators. The Indiana situation was clearly the worst, however — five lives were lost and 40 people were injured, and those numbers could go up. Devastating. source (viafollow)
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