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July 18, 2013

squashed says: I think a week or two heads-up could have gone a long way. I suspect there are a number of blogs identified as nsfw because their creators *occasionally* post something that people really don't want appearing on their dashboards at work. Or maybe the creator *might* post something. A bit of lead time could allow people whose blogs are *mostly* safe to work to choose whether they want to make the blog safe for work, prospectively, or whether they want to lose the social part of "social network."

» SFB says: You’re probably right. One of the things that Tumblr does well is enable their users. By enabling their users in this case, they could have calmed the backlash a bit. (More) — Ernie @ SFB

11:11 // 1 year ago
February 5, 2012

Oh, and also, the 1991 Russia photo is Photoshopped

Our reader squashed threw this in a reply to that fake Russia crowd post, confirming that the picture is in fact Photoshopped:

Looked at the big version of the photo myself and confirmed this using pixel matching. Will send a note to Alan Taylor of the Atlantic about this photo. EDIT: Here’s the original photo on AP.

0:02 // 2 years ago