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May 9, 2014
You want to play with 2.7 million peoples lives I am going to take yours you will never see it coming with my sniper rifle …
A letter sent to House Speaker John Boehner from Brandon J. Thompson, an unemployed 32-year old from Indiana who was very upset about Congress failing to extend unemployment insurance. Thompson was arrested Thursday on charges of making interstate threats.
19:09 // 5 months ago
January 6, 2013
I need this job like I need a hole in the head.
House Speaker John Boehner - WSJ (via brooklynmutt)

In which Boehner indirectly references a Cracker song. 

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20:23 // 1 year ago
January 3, 2013

The 113th Congress has officially elected House leaders:

  • 220 U.S. Representatives voted for Republican Rep. John Boehner as Speaker of the House on Thursday, handing the 112th Congress’ speaker the top spot in the House for a second term, even though he didn’t have the full support of the 233 GOP Representatives to win the position.
  • 192 votes were cast for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who is likely to resume her position as House Minority leader for the 113th Congress. The California Democrat came 8 votes shy of capturing the full support of her party, though they would not have been enough to unseat Speaker Boehner.
  • 10 protest votes were cast by Republicans, though they ultimately went to unlikely candidates like former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former Rep. Allen West. Even former Comptroller General David Walker picked up a nod during the vote. source
15:06 // 1 year ago
December 21, 2012
[Calling for John Boehner’s ouster] is like saying that the superintendent of an insane asylum should be discharged because he couldn’t control the crazy people. It’s nuts.
GOP Rep. Steve “That’s A Bullshit Question" LaTourette, in the wake of Boehner’s failure to rally his own caucus around his “Plan B” legislation to avert the fiscal cliff. The accuracy of this characterization aside, we’d argue that a superintendent of an asylum who can’t control the inmates probably should, indeed, be discharged. source
20:41 // 1 year ago
May 14, 2012

Colorado civil unions bill is likely dead once more

  • last week House Republicans led a filibuster that many thought had successfully killed a bill aiming to overturn Colorado’s 2006 ban on same-sex marriage. However, Governor John Hickenlooper called an emergency legislative session — set to last at least three days — giving the bill a second chance.
  • today Republican Speaker of the House Frank McNulty essentially killed the bill once more, by sending it to the hardline-GOP State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. The move shocked many, considering the bill’s bipartisan support, and recent warnings about the GOP’s handling of same-sex rights. source

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19:16 // 2 years ago
August 16, 2011

John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi both very unpopular

  • -24 net approval of Speaker John Boehner
  • -24 net approval of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi source

» The moral of the story? Don’t become Speaker of the House. Boehner’s approval ratings have fallen thirty-one points (!) since he assumed the Speaker’s chair; Pelosi, meanwhile, is just as hated as when she handed over the gavel. These numbers comport with surveys showing Congressional disapproval ratings at their highest levels in thirty years.

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22:26 // 3 years ago
April 2, 2011

Americans woefully misinformed, part two

  • 19% of Americans think Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House source

» Even more discouraging: That number was at 13% after Republicans won the House in November. That means the percentage of people who incorrectly believe that Pelosi is still Speaker has increased since she handed to gavel over to John Boehner (who, by the way, is only correctly identified as Speaker of the House by 43% of Americans). Sigh.

21:52 // 3 years ago
February 27, 2011
Americans want the government to stay open, and they want it to spend less money. We don’t need to shut down the government to accomplish that. We just need to do what the American people are asking of us.
John Boehner (in expected statements) • Discussing the next steps his party plans to help encourage spending cuts. Note that he appears to be backing away from the idea of a government shutdown. Perhaps hard-line stances are proving a little too, uh, risky for the GOP right now?  source (viafollow)
20:02 // 3 years ago
January 15, 2011

John Boehner keeps declining Obama’s high-profile invitations

  • nope Boehner was invited to ride with Obama on Air Force One to the Tucson memorial on Wednesday. He declined because he had GOP-related plans in D.C.
  • no way The House Speaker was then invited to a state dinner with Chinese President Hu Jintao – a pretty high-profile world leader – but he declined that, too. source
12:58 // 3 years ago
January 6, 2011
The state of Hawaii has said that President Obama was born there. That’s good enough for me.
House Speaker John Boehner • Speaking on the topic of birthers, a topic that found itself in the news today thanks to someone who really likes shouting during a formal recitation of the U.S. Constitution. Despite his own personal feelings on Tea Partiers, don’t expect Boehner to stomp on the political beliefs of his fellow members of Congress, no matter the party: “People come, regardless of party labels, they come with all kinds of beliefs and ideas. It’s the melting pot of America. It’s not up to me to tell them what to think.” Ultimately, we pretty much agree with that sentiment, even if it means a couple of weirdos get in there. source (viafollow)
19:44 // 3 years ago