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November 4, 2013
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September 13, 2013

queencitysavior says: This blog is a great example of new media that I share with my journalism students. Do you consider this blog a "legitimate" (for lack of a better word) journalism medium?

» SFB says: I think journalism is as legitimate as you make it. I admit I don’t have nearly the energy I did at this when I first started almost five (!) years ago, but I think that the reason it’s always been worth doing is because context and points of interest are essential.

I have a more-intensive job than I did when I started (and I’m getting married in a month—more on that later), so it’s tough to devote the time to SFB that I once did, but I think that the truth remains that journalism has to evolve its audience and reach the audience at their level.

That said, you have to be willing to keep evolving. Maybe Tumblr isn’t the end-all platform, much as I enjoy it. Maybe the future is a blog on Ghost. Maybe it’s a Rebelmouse-only site. And maybe the site takes a step away from news of the day to something else. But I think your students should be willing to pound away at whatever platform comes up and reach those people at their pace.

One more thing I’ll say: For my day job, when I interview people, the first thing I look for is social media and blogging experience. People should paint outside the lines. Because that’s where all the fun stuff happens. And if it’s done with the right intent, it’s legitimate. — Ernie @ SFB

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