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January 15, 2014
In the age of social media, when cell phones come with camera lenses optimized for selfies, that last question gets asked regularly. So I am going to answer it, once and for all: No. There is no such thing as TMI on the Internet. We are living in a post-TMI age, and everyone needs to deal with it. Preferably by using the ‘unfollow’ button.
New York Magazine’s Maureen O’Connor, on the virtues of the unfollow button, a button that you should probably use if you’re Bill Keller or are married to Bill Keller.
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September 3, 2013
And yes, there’s a GIF of this guy. (ht Buzzfeed)

And yes, there’s a GIF of this guy. (ht Buzzfeed)

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December 7, 2012


Some famous photos re-created as iPhone “selfies.” 

Solid Photoshop work on these.

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