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March 9, 2011
Tonight is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent for Christians, and in this time set aside for repentance and prayer, Republicans have turned judgment on themselves. Justice will flow down like a river on this state as Wisconsin recalls it elected officials who have betrayed the public’s trust.
Wisconsin Democratic State Sen. Lena Taylor • Dropping some religious talking points on the kids in the wake of tonight’s dramarama in Wisconsin. “Walker and his legislative rubberstamps achieved their goal of ending the Wisconsin values of collective bargaining and access to health care,” she said. source (viafollow)
21:03 // 3 years ago

Wisconsin Republicans pull shifty-eyed trick to pass union bill

  • crap Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pushed to strip collective bargaining rights as part of a larger budget bill, which required a quorum to be passed. Senate Dems left the state to prevent it from passing. Protests roared.
  • bull*#(&@ After weeks of dispute, debate, and drama, the GOP senators stripped the bill down to the collective bargaining bit and passed it – because they didn’t need a quorum that way. We hope they all get recalled after a mess like this. source
20:23 // 3 years ago
March 8, 2011

Campaign to recall Wisconsin Republicans gaining steam

  • $500k raised in one week by progressive groups to support recall of Wisconsin Republicans
  • six the size of the ad buy, in digits, on the part of progressive groups to air pro-recall ads
  • 59% of respondents in a robocall said they’d support recalling the senators source

» Turns out that recall campaign wasn’t just an empty threat. As we wrote last week, two leading progressive groups, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America (PCCC/DFA), have teamed up recall in recall efforts against several GOP state senators in Wisconsin. The idea is to recall at least three of them, which would flip control of the chamber to the Democrats and prevent Republican Governor Scott Walker’s union-busting bill from passing. The effort is getting help from the state Democratic party, which is providing “ground forces” to supplement the PCCC/DFA’s behind-the-scenes efforts. A total of eight GOP Senators are eligible for recall at this time; the campaign is targeting three who won by slim margins.

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Political pressure in Wisconsin may force shift from GOP Senators

  • 3 Wisconsin GOP Senators who think Gov. Walker should compromise source

» The stonewall may begin to crack: One of the most interesting potential endgames to this continuing Wisconsin kerfuffle is that Gov. Scott Walker could lose critical support from within his own party. Not that this should be viewed as a shift in the Wisconsin GOP’s principles — it seems clear that the collective bargaining rights would have been stripped weeks ago if not for the departure of fourteen Democratic senators — but it seems as if the uncomfortable reality of his non-negotiation is beginning to catch up to Walker. To date, GOP senators Dale Schultz, Rob Cowles, and Luther Olson have indicated compromise may be necessary and appropriate.

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14:30 // 3 years ago
March 7, 2011

More on Michigan Gov. John Engler and his legacy

thecrankyalaskan said: I just left Michigan for a teaching job in AK, and I have to say that Engler is now known as the guy who spent an entire budget paving roads instead of helping people. He left Granholm with a huge mess to clean up.

» We say: Some noteworthy commentary on our last post about John Engler.

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23:19 // 3 years ago

Wisconsin update: Are all Wisconsinites named Scott total jerkwads?

So, earlier today, Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller said he wanted to talk. After 18 days worth of holding out, it’s become clear that the MIA Democratic senators want to go home – but they want a deal, first. And that’s reportedly tough to come by. ”I have personally called Senator Fitzgerald and the Governor and his office on a regular basis but have not received return calls,” Miller told the press today. Miller meant his statements as an olive branch, but they weren’t necessarily taken with much love in mind. A recap:

  • guv’nor Scott Walker says he’s actually talking to the cell-phone-wielding legislators ”I called one of these senators myself (Monday morning). It could not be more abundantly clear how serious we are about getting this done.”
  • majority Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, who has talked with Senate Dems in person, was pretty blunt. ”I hope you are enjoying your vacation, and your vacation from reality.” What is it with Wisconsinites named Scott? Pricks.
  • Dems The Senate Democrats aren’t on some sort of unified message here. Some claim that no compromise talks are in the works; others say that the end is near. We say that the state needs a compromise, stat. And a good one. source

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13:06 // 3 years ago

Wisconsin Senate Dems pushing for border-line meeting

  • yesterday A report came out suggesting that Wisconsin Democrats were willing to come back to the state without any major victories in tow. The report was later denied, with one state senator suggesting they were taken out of context.
  • today State Sen. Mark Miller is in fact pushing for a meeting between Walker, the Senate Majority Leader and the Dems near the Wisconsin-Illinois border. We bet Walker will trap one of them in a car and bring them back to Madison. source

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11:00 // 3 years ago