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January 27, 2012
It was his newsletter, and it was under his name, so he always got to see the final product. … He would proof it.
Ron Paul’s former secretary (and current supporter) Renae Hathway • Discussing the perceived-racist newsletters that went out under his name, and he has largely disowned since then. If he edited the newsletters, clearly this would contradict what Paul himself has said about them. The Paul campaign denies these allegations, but this should get this back in the news cycle for a full week. source (viafollow)
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December 26, 2011

We present you with the new news-oriented BuzzFeed: This video is a not-so-positive revelation for the Ron Paul camp — Paul straight-up talking up the controversial newsletters that have suddenly cropped up in the press again amidst evidence of racism. He does seem quick to take credit for the Ron Paul Survival Report in this 1995 video. (As he puts it: “I also do an investment letter,” which seems to imply he writes or at least edits it.) The question, obviously: Do the next 16 years make up for what came before this clip, anyway? source

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