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March 14, 2012
Yes, there is one small scrap of encouragement for GOP loyalists who actually hope to win elections in November: the “Ron Paul Revolution” looks less and less relevant and, therefore, less and less threatening to the future of the party.
The Daily Beast’s Michael Medved • Striking a blow at the hearts of Libertarians everywhere by saying that Ron Paul’s no longer relevant. Ouch.
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December 26, 2011
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December 19, 2011
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September 17, 2011

A little late on this one, but considering the events of last night, it works as a mental health break. Meet the drunk, libertarian Adam Sandler, so drunk that he’s nearly four times the legal limit of alcohol. It’s funny, yes, until you realize that he could’ve killed someone because of his wayyyyyyy-above-the-legal-limit drunk driving. The fact that this elicits a chuckle should be a heartwarming fact, if only for the simple reason that it’s the worst thing to come out of this video, thanks to police properly doing their jobs.

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