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August 11, 2012

There’s almost no end to the hulabaloo over the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s VP today, both by supporters and detractors. One prominent detractor is former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich, who tweeted earlier today that he’d debated Paul Ryan, and that he “won’t help Romney.” Reich’s claim was derided by Twitter’s conservative corners, nothing if not vociferous, and by Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy. So, we figured you ought to be the judge. Above is part one of that debate, featuring Paul Ryan, George Will, Barney Frank, and Reich himself. Who do you think wins the day? If anyone, that is.


19:51 // 2 years ago
September 30, 2010
There are big, big holes in that Wall Street financial reform act — holes big enough for Wall Street traders to drive their Ferraris through. …  I think we’re going to be left with a Wall Street that continues to grow more and more powerful and richer relative to the rest of the United States economy.
Economist (and Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor) Robert Reich • Regarding the economic recovery and financial reform, which he says has not succeeded in helping the middle-class, but has succeeded in allowing the financial industry to get richer. It’s created a disparity that, according to Reich, hasn’t existed since the Great Depression. ”[The middle class] can’t go deeper and deeper into debt. They can’t work longer hours. They’ve exhausted all of their coping mechanisms,” he says. source
21:53 // 4 years ago