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April 21, 2012

Romney campaign cash on hand x 10 = Obama campaign cash on hand

  • $104 million the amount of cash the juggernaut-like Obama campaign had on hand at the end of March
  • $10.1 million the amount of cash the finally-validated Romney campaign had on hand at the end of March source

» But at least Romney has Super PAC backing: While Obama more than doubled Romney’s fundraising total in March — $35 million to $12.6 million — Romney’s stayed competitive with the help of the Super PAC supporting him, Restore Our Future. Other Super PACs are helping too — the Karl Rove-backed American Crossroads, which is expected to ratchet up the Obama attack ads, raised $31.2 million in March — and the RNC’s fundraising is back on track after a fairly rough stretch under Michael Steele. One thing Romney hasn’t done this time around is put his own money into the campaign, like he did in 2008 when he threw $40 million in the pot. Think Mitt can prove formidable despite the cash deficit?

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