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November 3, 2012
He should resign! He told us he would resign if he did this poorly. Do you remember that? Do you remember that he told us that if he couldn’t get employment above 6 percent, he wouldn’t run for a second term? He lied! He has been a disaster. The worst president for our economy in our lifetime. He doesn’t want a second term. He wants a second chance, because he screwed it up the first time.
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani • Fulfilling to a T the role of campaign “attack dog” surrogate, while stumping for the Romney/Ryan ticket in Ohio today. It’s worth noting that we can’t find any indication that President Obama ever said he wouldn’t run for a second term if unemployment was above 6%. Indeed, this at any point since the 2007 financial collapse would’ve been a rather mad pledge for him to make. It’s likely Giuliani was speaking of Obama’s comments in 2009, that if he didn’t turn the economy around by 2012 his presidency would be a “one-term proposition,” but that’s not a pledge to resign, or not run, so much as a frank assessment of the public’s voting inclinations. In addition to the above denunciations, Giuliani cast attacks at the American consulate in Benghazi as being a result of “incompetence,” and said that with a president who was paying attention, we wouldn’t have to investigate what was “covered up” there. source
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June 21, 2011

Morale going from bad to worse at Gingrich campaign

  • 2 top fundraising staffers quit Newt’s flailing presidential campaign source

» The good ship Newt continues to sink: It was just twelve days ago that the Gingrich campaign suffered a high-level exodus of staffers. Now comes the news that two more have jumped ship — fundraising director Jody Thomas, and fundraising consultant Mary Heltman. If there’s one thing a presidential campaign needs, it’s having its money in order — departing staffers, however, accused Gingrich of having less interest in political spending than on chartering luxury jets. We’re at the point of considering this campaign little more than an exercise in raising Newt’s profile — he just doesn’t seem serious about it.

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June 9, 2011

Gingrich’s campaign suffers high-level staffer exodus

A bad day for big Newt: Want to know what can’t fill your heart with confidence heading into a Presidential primary? When your press secretary tells the AP he’s resigning, and your campaign manager, along with a spate of aides throughout Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina follow suit. Gingrich has said that he will continue to run, undeterred by this “rats fleeing the sinking ship” sort of moment. As it happens, Gingrich wasn’t even in the country a few days ago — he’s on vacation with his wife near the Greek Isles (which, in the midst of a campaign in such crisis, doesn’t make him seem that serious about all this). source

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June 2, 2011

NH GOPers aren’t all keen on crushing union rights

  • 2 New Hampshire GOP leaders resign over anti-union legislative agenda source

» Protest through departure: Two prominent Republican legislators from the state of New Hampshire have decided to call it quits, resignations in protest of the hard-line, anti-union agenda of the state’s House Speaker, Bill O’Brien. They are House Deputy Majority Leader Mike Quandt (whose father, Rep. Marshall Quandt, was removed from a leadership position for failing to support a union-busting amendment), and House Whip Tim Copeland. Said Quandt the younger: “I cannot sit by and participate in a leadership team that is bent on destroying the strong labor force and good benefits that we have in our state. I cannot condone the incredible disrespect that Bill O’Brien has shown to other members of our caucus who are trying to represent their constituents.” (h/t ThinkProgress)

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February 7, 2011

Wael Ghonim freed, asks NDP’s new Secretary General to resign

  • freedom Wael Ghonim, the Google executive who was held for over a week under Egyptian custody, was released to the great relief of his friends and family, as announced by the company earlier    this afternoon.
  • retort Ghonim tweeted this, moments after he proclaimed his release: “Gave my 2 cents to Dr. Hosam Badrawy. who was reason why I am out today. Asked him resign cause that’s the only way I’ll respect him.”
  • realityBadrawi, new Sec. Gen. of the NDP, is considered a liberal reformer within Hosni Mubarak’s party. Ghonim’s demand is indicative of the taint carried by any role in the NDP. It looks like a full purge is needed. source

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