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October 5, 2010

O RLY? Tea Party, Religious Right have a little overlap apparently

  • 11% of Americans (in this study) say they party like tea
  • 22% of those polled say that they’re part of the Religious Right – double the Tea Party
  • 55% of Tea Partiers say that the U.S. is a Christian nation – more than Christian conservatives
  • 56% of Tea Partiers prefer Fox News – versus 39 percent for Christian conservatives source

» Where should the government step in? While Tea Partiers are notably anti-government, the study shows that they are looking for some government intervention on social issues such as abortion. Overall, though, the two somewhat disparate groups can agree on a couple of things, despite their differences. ”They know what they can agree on, which is what they’re against: Obama, Pelosi,” said George Mason University public policy professor Mark Rozell.

10:49 // 4 years ago