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March 30, 2012
My general impression is, whenever they have me on, it’s to criticize the American government. Of course, that’s no big surprise because that’s pretty much what I do. That’s how I make my living. But I did start to wonder after a while what they were saying about the Russian government.
Reason Senior Editor Jacob Sullum • Discussing his appearances on RT, formerly known as Russia Today, a network that, despite its ties to the Russian government, has gained a following among liberals and libertarians for its willingness to question U.S. foreign policy. The New Republic’s Jesse Zwick talks to a variety of serious journalists and pundits who have shown up on the network — some who are willing to get airtime anywhere, others who say RT treats them more fairly than other networks — along with some who choose not to go onto the network. “I have friends who I highly respect who have done RT, but the network also features guests who I would put in the conspiracy-theorist camp,” said one liberal journalist who chose not to give his name. We’ve had our opinions on RT in the past — not particularly positive, admittedly — but what do you guys think? Do you trust their coverage? (via Matt)
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February 12, 2011


Liberal in Bed, Conservative in the Head

Breitbart is my hero.

Just got a kick out of this video, admittedly. The line that evilteabagger mentions is at the very end. But overall this clip does a pretty good job of portraying the more socially-accepting/libertarian end of the CPAC audience.

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