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November 20, 2012
The Castro and San Francisco in general, is a place of freedom, expression and acceptance. But freedom, expression and acceptance does not mean anything goes under any circumstances. Our public spaces are for everyone and as a result it’s appropriate to have some minimal standards of behavior.
San Francisco supervisor Scott Wiener • Explaining the measure he introduced, which passed today, banning public nudity in the city of San Francisco. It was reportedly a response to repeated complaints about a group of frequently naked men in the city’s Castro district (As someone who visits the area often I can confirm that the sight has escalated discernibly in recent months — Chris @ SFB). There will be some exceptions made for major events, the annual LGBT Pride Parade in particular. The measure institutes a $100 maximum fine for a first-time offense, but would leave prosecutors with the ability to charge a third offense as a misdemeanor, carrying a $500 fine and 1-year prison sentence. Wiener’s opponents on the board argued the ban would cost police attention better served elsewhere. source
20:00 // 1 year ago