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May 18, 2011

Sony’s PlayStation Network troubles aren’t over yet

PSN hacked again…kind of. PlayStation Network was down again today, but not for the familiar reason of widespread hacks. A newly discovered exploit allows people to change account passwords armed with nothing but an email address associated with the account and the owner’s date of birth — both of which hackers obtained in the larger exploit earlier this month. Gaming discovered the newest flaw and contacted Sony about the problem. The network then went down again, apparently so Sony could fix it before it got out of hand. It’s important to know that the network wasn’t actually hacked again — hackers stole no new information, but instead discovered a new exploit that’s now being fixed. Sony is going to have a rough time recovering from all of this. source

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May 14, 2011
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More on PlayStation Network, hackers, and why suing isn’t the answer

producermatthew said:  Suggesting companies should learn to “get hackers on their side” is like saying banks should learn to play nice with robbers. There’s a difference between telling someone their door is unlocked and blatantly breaking in to their house.

» We say: While it’s not necessarily an even match, here’s the reason why I stand behind my prior post. By keeping low-level hackers happy by encouraging homebrew solutions that respect the intentions of the device creators (such as what the article suggests Microsoft has done with their Kinect device), it encourages an environment where much more sinister hackers might give you a pass. The thing is, the PlayStation Network’s hackers should get punished. What Geohot and Alexander Egorenkov did pushed the edges a little but was something Sony could have responded to without lawsuits or raids. Neither of them were intending to do the type of wrong the PSN hackers were. But Sony’s heavy-handed response to Geohot and Egorenkov got their attention.

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April 27, 2011

Sony in hotter water as stolen debits begin to surface

  • breach In a much publicized incident, hackers crippled the Playstation Network and made off with personal info for 77 million gamers; Sony admitted credit card numbers may have been stolen, but said they saw no certain evidence of it.
  • swipe The reports are beginning to flow in about fraudulent charges being racked up; two users have claimed fraudulent debits of a few hundred dollars (that they’re using debit card numbers to draw directly from accounts is significant). source

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