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June 22, 2012
David Blankenhorn’s evolution on marriage equality is emblematic of the paradigm shift we are experiencing as a country on this issue.  Loving gay and lesbian couples should not be denied the ability to make the same lifelong commitment as everyone else and Blankenhorn’s agreement with that proposition puts him in the mainstream of American opinion.
Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin • Discussing David Blankenhorn, a once-star proponent for California’s controversial Proposition 8, and his shift towards supporting marriage equality, which he expressed in an op-ed in the New York Times, which you can read here.  Blankehorne founded the Institute for American Values and testified in favor of Prop. 8 during the trial in California.  source (viafollow)
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May 16, 2012

Senate committee clears domestic partnership bill, but faces uphill climb

  • yeah… The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee today passed the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act, which would grant benefits to same-sex partners of federal workers.
  • but…The bill still has to pass both the Senate proper and the GOP-controlled House of Representatives before becoming law—and something tells us John Boehner won’t be rushing to bring this one up for a vote. source

» The nitty-gritty: The bill was co-sponsored by 23 senators, including one Republican (Susan Collins of Maine). It passed the committee easily, via a bipartisan voice vote, and is actually rather narrow in scope: It only provides benefits for unmarried, same-sex domestic partners of federal workers. Married same-sex couples—and unmarried opposite-sex couples—are not included. The range of benefits provided, though, is pretty huge: medical, long-term care, disability, life insurance, workers’ comp, retirement, and more.

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19:26 // 2 years ago
February 8, 2012

Big successive days for marriage equality movement

  • yesterday A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down California’s Proposition 8, the gay marriage ban which voters approved in 2008. As we noted, the ruling didn’t endorse same-sex marriage as a right, but said voters had no rational reason to prohibit it; a step forward regardless.
  • today Washington’s state legislature passed, by a vote of 55-43, a bill that legalizes same-sex marriage. The bill will almost assuredly face a legal challenge by opposing advocacy groups, but Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire will likely sign it into law at some point during the next week. source

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20:23 // 2 years ago
February 7, 2012
Proposition 8 served no purpose, and had no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California.
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals • On today’s 2-1 panel ruling, which overturned California’s gay marriage ban on constitutional grounds. This is a validation of a previous ruling against Proposition 8 back in August 2010, made by now retired Judge Vaughn Walker. ProtectMarriage, the group that backed Proposition 8, still has legal recourse, however; they can seek the ruling of a larger 9th Circuit panel, or try to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. The likely “swing vote” in that case is thought to be Justice Kennedy, who could therefore occupy the unusual position of holding millions of people’s future marriages and families in his hands. source (viafollow)
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June 14, 2011
The mere fact that a judge is in a relationship with another person — whether of the same sex or the opposite sex — does not ipso facto imply that the judge must be so interested in marrying that person that he would be unable to exhibit the impartiality which, it is presumed, all federal judges maintain.
U.S. District Court Chief James Ware • Explaining his ruling that retired Judge Vaughn Walker, a gay man who ruled against California’s Proposition 8 in court, should not have had to remove himself from the case. This is a major victory for gay-rights advocates, and the legal opponents of Proposition 8; its supporters had argued that Walker’s long-term relationship with another man biased his judgment in the case, as he might want to get married. Walker’s ruling against Prop. 8 is still on hold pending a circuit court appeal. source (viafollow)
18:00 // 3 years ago
January 4, 2011

Ninth District makes boring, indecisive decision on Prop 8 case

  • *shrug* The 9th District Court’s ruling on gay marriage – neither in favor of keeping Prop 8 nor against the controversial measure. Good answer, important people!
  • instead The court transferred the case to the California Supreme Court, to decide whether Prop. 8 backers can even defend the measure in court. Hmm. source
22:55 // 3 years ago
December 6, 2010
Do we have to reach that point?
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Reinhardt • Suggesting that the court may not decide the Prop. 8 case with a broad brush, and may choose a more narrow route instead. It seems that the court in general is favoring gay-marriage supporters, with the court’s most conservative judge, N. Randy Smith, noting that the blockage of marriage seems arbitrary, considering that gays have equal rights in almost every other point of Californian life. “What is the rational basis for that?,” he asked. source (viafollow)
20:06 // 3 years ago
November 12, 2010

John McCain may want to delay DADT’s repeal, but his wife doesn’t feel quite the same way. Cindy McCain, who has appeared in photos for the pro-gay-marriage NOH8 Campaign in the past, shows up in this latest anti-gay-bullying clip saying this: “Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future … They can’t serve our country openly … Our government treats the LGBT community like second-class citizens, why shouldn’t [the bullies]?” Her husband led the filibuster against “don’t ask, don’t tell,” so she’s literally calling out her husband in the clip. He also ran on an anti-gay-marriage platform back in 2008. If anyone else thinks that’s incredibly ballsy, raise your hand. *raises hand* source

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10:25 // 3 years ago
September 29, 2010

My work is done here: Prop. 8 judge Vaughn Walker retiring

  • He’s only going to be remembered for that one case. Vaughn Walker had a long career as a judge in California, but it’s a decision he made in August that made him famous. Walker, the chief judge of the Northern District of California, struck down Proposition 8 using a tightly-written decision that law scholars are going to be reading for decades to come. Walker’s second act? He doesn’t have one. He’s retiring at the end of the year. Might as well go out on top. Bravo, dude. Have fun playing golf. source
21:55 // 4 years ago