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November 9, 2012
This was an instruction packet that went out to 30,000+ people. Did no one proof-read it?
Ace of Spades HQ contributor John Ekdahl • Discussing his experience as an attempted Republican poll watcher on Tuesday — and in the process noting the failings of the party’s “Project Orca,” which was designed to modernize the process of election “strike lists,” but ended up only frustrating supporters. Ekdahl says that he didn’t have a “poll watcher certificate” — something that wasn’t listed as being necessary in his instruction packet — and was turned away. And the problem was widespread, too, he found. “People had been kicked from poll watching for having no certificate. Others never received their pdf packets. Some were sent the wrong packets from a different area. Some received their packet, but their usernames and passwords didn’t work,” he explains. If this is the case, the party may have had some major organizational problems on Election Day.
15:40 // 1 year ago