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April 25, 2012
21:44 // 2 years ago
April 17, 2012

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners vow mass hunger strike

  • 2,300 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons have pledged not to eat for one day to mark Prisoners’ Day
  • 1,200 more Palestinian prisoners plan to go a step further, pledging an open-ended hunger strike source

» One guy showed them how to do it: Soon to be released from prison is Khader Adnan, who underwent a 67-day hunger strike earlier this year which ended in February. Adnan ended his hunger strike as part of a deal with Israel which led to his freedom.

10:13 // 2 years ago
February 16, 2012

Many Honduran prisoners caught in fire weren’t charged or convicted

New revelations on Honduran prison fire: As we mentioned yesterday, the most lethal prison fire in the last century took place Tuesday in Honduras, at a prison in Comayagua. Since then some startling and grisly facts have come out, which speak to the sad state of legal affairs in Honduras, as well as to the staggering overcrowding and understaffing of their facilities – of the 800 or so inmates at Comayagua, 57% were being held without charge or were awaiting trial, most on suspicion of gang membership. During the fire, only six guards were on duty, just one of whom held the keys for every prison cell. source

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14:09 // 2 years ago
May 26, 2011

Chinese labor camps: Where MMO games stop being fun?

World of Warcraft meets the world of forced labor: The Guardian has an interview up today with a 54-year-old prisoner at the Jixi labor camp in China, who makes an extremely bizarre and terrible claim; that prison bosses forced some inmates to play World of Warcraft after finishing the day’s grueling physical labor. The idea is that they’re being forced to grind out high-level characters with choice equipment and lots of gold, which are then sold by the guards to cash-rich, lazy gamers who want all the gain with none of the pain. It’s sort of like the anti-drug argument that your money might be financing terrorism or violence — don’t take the shortcut to World of Warcraft glory, or you might do it on the back of a Chinese prisoner. Bizarre story. source

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15:18 // 3 years ago
March 2, 2011

Bobby Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan to stay in jail

  • NO RFK’s assassin won’t be granted parole (again) source

» Why parole was prevented again: The parole board in the infamous case claims Sirhan Sirhan hasn’t shown an understanding of the “magnitude” of his crime. “At this hearing, you’re interrupting me time and time again, demonstrating a lack of control and impulsitivity,” California Board of Parole Hearings Commissioner Mike Prizmich said to Sirhan.

23:35 // 3 years ago