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April 19, 2014
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April 17, 2014
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February 15, 2014

Reed College students know a thing or two about creating snowballs—800-pound snowballs, in fact—that have an impact.

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October 21, 2013
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May 27, 2013
My first thought was that the plane must be going down, but then I heard someone screaming to stop him, take him down. I looked behind me and in the exit row was a very large gentleman who was attempting to open the exit row door.
Alaska Airlines passenger Ryan Oelrich • Discussing his reaction to being awoken by the commotion caused on his flight. What happened? Well, passenger Alexander Michael Herrera tried to open the plane’s exit row door as the aircraft attempted to make its final descent into Portland. The 23-year-old Herrera, who had to be restrained using shoelaces and seat-belt extenders, was arrested when the plane finally landed. Despite the in-flight drama, the plane only landed in Portland nine minutes after it was supposed to.
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December 11, 2012
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August 14, 2012
I have not had a drink in years and the one time I do this I what happens. I will never drink again.
Portland, Ore. resident Justin Gilpatrick • Reacting on Facebook to an ordeal in which he got drunk, fell asleep in a dumpster (rather than driving home), was picked up in a dump truck and was compacted with the trash — twice. He lived to tell about it, obviously, only having suffered minor injuries, but a pal of his who chose to drive drunk instead of dumpster-diving got into a three-car crash, though he didn’t get any life-threatening injuries, either. Enjoy your sobriety, Mr. Gilpatrick.
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November 13, 2011
Happening now: Occupy Portland’s camp is getting raided by riot police. Click for live video.

Happening now: Occupy Portland’s camp is getting raided by riot police. Click for live video.

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August 1, 2011

Cold case: New evidence in 40-year-old “DB Cooper” plane hijacking

  • 1971 A dude named “Dan Cooper” (more commonly known as “DB Cooper”) hijacked a plane heading between Portland and Seattle. He allowed the passengers to get off in Seattle, received a briefcase with $200,000 in cash inside, had the pilot keep flying, then jumped out of the plane with a parachute over the Cascade Mountains. Crazy, right?
  • 2011 Years later, nobody knows who the suspect is — and little in the way of conclusive evidence has shown up. Over 1,000 people have been pinpointed in the still-open cold case, but surprisingly there is new evidence that authorities are pursuing. Do you guys think they’ll ever catch this dude? Or did their chance pass 40 years ago? source

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January 26, 2011

Elliott Smith: The Biggest Lie

(from Elliott Smith)

Song of the day: Keeping up with the ’90s motif our musical choices have had lately … our favorite song, by our favorite artist, off our favorite album. We could go on, but the bittersweet (more bitter than sweet) beauty of this song got us through a lot of cold nights in Milwaukee back in 2004.

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