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November 8, 2012
19:05 // 1 year ago
May 6, 2012

samstrident says: re: your recent post on PVC Manning, I don't know if you've reported on this before, but she identifies as a woman, and according to the Manning-Lamo Chat Logs, she goes by Breanna.

» SFB says: While there is evidence — specifically in the chat logs with Lamo — of this, and it has come up in court, we’re largely going off of evidence from correspondence initially intended to be private and court proceedings where it was suggested that Bradley Manning suffered from gender identity disorder in the past, but not whether he continues to do so. What if, for example, Manning never intended on going public until after they were out of the military? What if this was forced out into the public eye against Manning’s will? (While the Lamo chatlogs suggest against this, people can and do change their minds.) We have no problem with calling Manning Breanna. The trouble here is that there’s been no public overture that it’s Manning’s intention (from, say, Manning’s defense attorney, who posted the photo and called him “PFC Bradley Manning”), but Manning is in a situation where’s it’s difficult to say that out loud. I think that’s why you haven’t seen more mainstream outlets run with this story angle — the lines are blurry, and I think it’s hard for any outlet to make a change like this without public confirmation. What do you guys think? — Ernie @ SFB 

13:58 // 2 years ago