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April 13, 2013

Fatal bus bombing in northwestern Pakistan

  • 9people killed in the bombing of a bus in Pakistan, in Peshawar, a city in the country’s norrthwest. Injuries were sustained by another 9 people in the blast. The region the bus was bombed in has been the site of operations against the Pakistani Taliban, as well as other militants, though nobody has yet claimed responsibility. source
15:06 // 1 year ago
February 16, 2013

Sectarian bombing in Quetta, Pakistan has heavy death toll

  • 63people killed, at least, by a bomb blast in the Pakistani city of Quetta. The bomb went off at a marketplace in part of the city home to a large Hazara population, themselves predominantly members of Pakistan’s Shia minority. Sunni militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for the blast, which also injured more than 180, the second such deadly attack they’ve mounted in Quetta this year. source
15:33 // 1 year ago
November 25, 2012

Bombing strikes procession of Shia muslims in Pakistan

  • 6 people killed when a bomb blast struck a group of Shia muslims in Pakistan today, in a procession commemorating the holiday of Ashura.
  • 90 people injured in the blast; the Pakistani Taliban has committed a long line of sectarian attacks on the Shia community, this last week bringing the death toll to more than 30. source
16:23 // 1 year ago