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September 20, 2011
This is why I chose to come out on Day 1 after the policy changed. I chose to come out publicly for the thousands of gay military members who have been told they are a risk if they serve in the military openly and honestly. People may say what I’m doing is attention-seeking or not befitting a military officer, but that very mentality shows the prejudice we still harbor when it comes to sexual orientation.
Air Force First Lieutenant Josh Seefried • Discussing his choice to come out on the very first day of the official repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Seefried had planned for this moment. See, Seefried launched OutServe, an organization for gay service members, while working under the pseudonym “JD Smith.” So it only makes sense that he’d be one of the very first people to come out under the new policy — and in a bold way, as a guest columnist for The Daily Beast. More power to him. source (viafollow)
10:29 // 2 years ago