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December 27, 2012
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November 16, 2010

NYC has another idea to expand New Jersey’s subway service

Commuters in New Joisey, you aren’t screwed yet. Weeks ago, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced he was killing off a massive public works project to get a subway line under the Hudson River into New York City. While fiscal conservatives feted the decision, many long-suffering commuters felt burned. New York City is considering coming to the rescue, offering to extend a subway line out of the city and into New Jersey – at a fraction of the shuttered plan’s cost:

  • $11.4
    the estimated cost (with overruns) of the New Jersey subway project that Gov. Chris Christie killed
  • $5.3
    the estimated cost of New York extending the No. 7 subway line under the Hudson River source

» Agreement still needed: While Michael Bloomberg’s administration is spearheading this, incoming NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, along with Christie, would have to come to terms with the plan, which, while less expensive, definitely isn’t cheap. But the long-term benefits could prove worth it.

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