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December 30, 2013

Poll: Afghan War support dips below the 20 percent mark

  • 17% the percentage of Americans that continue to support the ongoing war in Afghanistan, according to a CNN poll. That’s a massive decrease from 2008, when 52 percent supported continuing the conflict. It also shows a level of opposition—82 percent, the study states—never seen by other unpopular wars, such as Iraq or Vietnam. So yeah, not a popular war. source
9:47 // 9 months ago
December 29, 2013

Saudi Arabia just gave Lebanon a really big end-of-year present

  • $3B the size of the investment Saudi Arabia just made in the Lebanese army, an investment meant to strengthen the army’s resources. Those resources are seen as weaker than those of the Islamic militant group Hezbollah, which is located in the country and is supporting the nearby Syrian government in the country’s ongoing civil war. The move could weaken Iran’s influence on the country, but some analysts suggest the source of the funding makes it divisive. source
17:42 // 9 months ago
December 21, 2013

Looking to buy something for Christmas? Target’s having a sale

  • 10% the size of the discount that Target is offering all customers—even ones who weren’t hit by the massive data breach which affected as many as 40 million people—to encourage people to keep shopping in their stores. While the company says it’s dealt with the issue that caused the crisis in the first place, it goes without saying: Consider paying cash. source
14:43 // 10 months ago
December 19, 2013
15:44 // 10 months ago
December 18, 2013

Kerry announces additional aid for those displaced by Typhoon Haiyan

  • $25M worth of additional humanitarian aid has been authorized by the U.S government, for residents of the Philippines who were displaced by typhoon Haiyan late last month. Nearly 100,000 of the roughly 4 million initially displaced by the storm remain in emergency shelters at this time. source
14:38 // 10 months ago
December 17, 2013

Shooting at medical facility leaves victim, gunman dead

  • 2people killed, and two more injured, following a shooting at a Reno, Nevada medical facility earlier today. The gunman, himself one of the two deceased, opened fire at Renown Regional Medical Center around 2:45 this afternoon, and was ultimately dead before 3:00 via self-inflicted gunshot wound. No information regarding potential motive has yet been reported. source
20:22 // 10 months ago

Looks like George Zimmerman has some new career aspirations

  • $100K or more is likely to be the final price for the first painting to be sold by America’s favorite Floridian, George Zimmerman. With just over three days remaining before the auction is closed, the latest offer has the painting valued at $99,966.00. and 98 bids have been placed since Zimmerman’s painting was listed on eBay yesterday morning. source
14:42 // 10 months ago
December 16, 2013

Federal contractors can currently make more than twice as much as the president

  • $952k the maximum amount in pay from the federal government that individual federal contractors can currently receive—a number that’s nearly tripled since a cap on contractor pay was first set in 1998. The Bipartisan Budget Act, which is currently in the Senate, would cut this cap in half, to $487,000, but a standalone bill would cut things down even further. For comparison’s sake, President Obama makes $400,000 per year. source
23:20 // 10 months ago
December 12, 2013

Military error leads to bombing of a wedding in Yemen

  • 15 people were killed while attending a wedding in Yemen on Thursday, after military officials apparently mistook the wedding party for an al-Qaeda convoy and reportedly used an unmanned drone to bomb the site. source
16:16 // 10 months ago
December 11, 2013

Revenge porn brings federal charges for California resident

  • 10K+ explicit images were published by a revenge porn site, allegedly created by California resident Kevin Christopher Bollaert, during its roughly nine months in operation. Authorities say the site admin also ran a separate side-business, which the alleged site admin used to contact victims and offer to get their explicit photos removed…for a $300-$350 fee.
  • 31 felony charges have been leveled against Kevin Christopher Bollaert, who was arrested on Tuesday, including conspiracy, identity theft and extortion charges, The filing also alleges that Bollaert broke existing federal statues, rather than California’s recently passed anti-revenge porn legislation. source
15:13 // 10 months ago