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December 7, 2013

After public outcry, women arrested in Egypt released

  • 21 the number of Egyptian women that were released on Saturday after being detained for taking part in a protest against the government a month ago. The women were convicted of a number of crimes, including “thuggery,” but had their sentences scaled back severely on appeal. source
21:13 // 4 months ago
December 6, 2013

Unemployment at five-year low

  • 7.0 percent unemployment in November, per the latest jobs numbers. That’s the lowest unemployment rate since November 2008. Some of the positive aspects in the report owed in part to the re-opening of the government after the shutdown in October, but others — a healthy hiring rate, higher wages and more hours for workers — imply that the economy is, at the very least, not getting worse. source
19:23 // 4 months ago
December 5, 2013

Bombing, shooting in Yemen confirmed to be deadliest act of terror in 18 months

  • 52 doctors and nurses were killed in a coordinated attack that targeted Yemen’s Ministry of Defense, according to government officials. Several foreign nationals have been reported killed in the attack, including doctors from Venezuela and the Phillipines.
  • 162 people were injured during the attack, which began after both a car bomb was detonated outside of the ministry; however, authorities have yet to confirm how many gunmen and responding military personnel died in the attack. source
15:44 // 4 months ago
December 4, 2013

New leak reveals NSA monitors astonishing number of calls

  • 5B records a day are acquired by the National Security Agency, creating a massive catalog of daily cellphone location data from hundreds of millions of personal electronics. Most of the acquired data is apparently not captured intentionally, but considered an acceptable side effect of monitoring the communications of foreign targets. source
17:35 // 4 months ago is improving but not quite there yet

  • 26K people successfully enrolled in new health insurance coverage through during the month of October; a number far below the 800,000 that the Obama Administration was expecting to see during the site’s first month online.
  • 29K successfully enrolled on Sunday and Monday of this week, which is good, but still not going to cut it if 45 million uninsured Americans (or even a significant percentage of them) are going to sign up by the March 31 deadline. At the current rate, it would still take several years for every uninsured American to apply for coverage. source
14:16 // 4 months ago
December 3, 2013

Guardian editor says paper’s coverage barely scratched the surface of Snowden leaks

  • one percent of the materials leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have been published by The Guardian, according to editor Alan Rusbridger. Rusbridger spoke before a Parliamentary committee on Tuesday, where he said the UK would not bully the paper into ending its coverage, but also acknowledged that The Guardian doesn’t plan to publish much more of the content it received from the former NSA contractor. source
15:45 // 4 months ago
November 30, 2013

Update: More reported killed in Scotland bar collapse, investigation ongoing

  • 120+ the number of people in a Glasgow pub at the time when a police helicopter hit the building, severely damaging the roof.
  • eight the number of people killed, according to the most recent report from the BBC. That includes all three people aboard the helicopter.
  • 14 the number of people currently in the hospital with serious injuries due to the incident. It’s not clear if more are injured, with Police Scotland Chief Constable Sir Stephen House putting the situation like this: “This is a complex and ongoing rescue operation. It will not be a quick operation. It is a very complicated and indeed dangerous scene.” source
13:57 // 4 months ago faces massive lawsuit over fake profile pictures

  • $1.5B the amount a Miami-based model is suing (using class-action status) because her photos keep getting used in fake profiles. The model, Yuliana Avalos, was triggered to action in part because of men who were getting scammed out of money after contacting a fake profile using her image. IAC, the parent company of, calls the suit meritless. source
9:01 // 4 months ago
November 28, 2013

Need a break from Thanksgiving commercialism? Live in New England

  • three the number of states that, due to so-called “blue laws,” can’t start their Christmas shopping a day early, a phenomenon known as “Black Thursday” or “Gray Thursday.” Those states? All in New England—Rhode Island, Maine, and Massachusetts. For what it’s worth, retailers want to change the laws, some of which have been in place since colonial time. source
12:49 // 4 months ago
November 27, 2013

U.S. Border Patrol confirms major pot bust in California

  • 260 pounds of marijuana were intercepted by U.S. Border Patrol agents, after being airdropped from an ultralight airplane that was spotted entering U.S. airspace at approximately 4am on Monday. Two men were arrested near the drop zone, in southern San Diego County; however, the plane and its pilot are believed to have returned to Mexico before landing. source
16:09 // 4 months ago