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January 11, 2014

In Vegas, the house is losing out big time

  • $1.35B the net loss that casinos in Nevada reported losing in 2010, the fifth year in a row that the industry has lost more money than it’s taken in. Part of the reason this year? While revenue is way up, so are expenses. Sounds like now’s a good time to roll the dice. source
18:51 // 8 months ago

Overstock made a lot of money in Bitcoin form yesterday

  • $130k the amount that online retailer says it added in retail sales on its first full day of accepting Bitcoin as a form of currency. While it only represented a total of about 840 purchases, those 840 people spent more than $150 per order on average, and while their purchases leaned tech, they also included some of the company’s other strong points, such as home decor. source
16:46 // 8 months ago
January 8, 2014

Early numbers reveal marijuana is pretty popular in Colorado

  • $5M was spent on recreational marijuana during the first week of sales in Colorado, according to the 37 dispensaries currently operating inside the state, including more than $1 million in sales on January 1. State officials expect cannabis sales to generate an estimated $70 million in tax revenue this year, with more than $25 million already allocated for the construction of new schools. source
14:43 // 8 months ago
January 7, 2014

Analysis charts huge gains by anti-smoking movement since ‘64

  • 8MAmerican lives saved by anti-smoking efforts since the release of the Surgeon General’s report "Smoking and Health" in 1964, according to analysis published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It found that rates of smoking amongst American adults plunged over the course of the near fifty-year stretch, from 42% in 1964 to just 18% in 2012. In a related editorial, Center for Disease Control director Thomas Frieden hailed “tobacco control” as “described, accurately, as one of the great public health successes of the 20th century.” source
19:40 // 8 months ago
14:42 // 8 months ago

These two guys are still making millions of dollars from the ABA merger

  • $500M the amount two former American Basketball Association owners, Ozzie and Daniel Silna, stand to make from a deal with the the National Basketball Association to end an agreement with the league that dates back to the 1970s. At the time, the two businessmen owned the Spirits of St. Louis, a team that was not brought into the NBA post-merger. The men made an agreement to fold—as long as they got one-seventh of the TV rights from the four ABA teams merging into the NBA. Since then, the NBA has become a major sport—and the duo have made $300 million from the deal, with no end date in sight. They could turn down the NBA and continue to make millions each year—and even with the big upfront payment, they still stand to make more revenue from the league. source
9:16 // 8 months ago
January 6, 2014

Fallout from Bernie Madoff costing JPMorgan Chase a pretty penny

  • $2B the amount of the settlement JPMorgan Chase is expected to reach with the federal government over the Bernie Madoff saga, due to the company reportedly ignoring clear signs of Madoff’s ponzi scheme. In the past year, the company has had to pay out $20 billion to settle government investigations. source
0:45 // 8 months ago
January 4, 2014

Cuomo to propose limited medical marijuana for NY hospitals

  • 20New York state hospitals would be permitted to prescribe medicinal marijuana to patients with serious diseases (cancer and glaucoma among them) under a plan to be proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo at his State of the State address this Wednesday — good news for New York’s ailing. The system would reportedly be far stricter than in other states, California as a prime example, where prescriptions can be written largely by specialized doctors, for a range of maladies, with minimal verification. Of course, this may sound surprisingly stodgy and old-hat to the people of Colorado, who ushered in their new age of legalized weed by dropping $1 million on just its first day. source
21:11 // 8 months ago
January 2, 2014

Journalists and scientists rescued from ice-locked Russian ship

  • 52 people were rescued from an icebound Russian research ship that had been trapped off the coast of Antarctica for more than a week. A Chinese twin-rotor helicopter was used to airlift the passengers, one dozen at a time, to a waiting Australian icebreaker that will take them to the island of Tasmania. The crew of the Akademik Shokalskiy elected to stay with the ship until it is free of the ice. source
13:41 // 9 months ago
January 1, 2014

U.S. Census data shows lowest population growth since the 1930’s

  • 1.2% was the annual growth rate for the U.S. population during the 1990’s, ten years of almost non-stop economic expansion for the nation.
  • 0.7% is the estimated growth rate for 2013, bringing us to an estimated 317, 297,938 U.S. residents as of January 1, 2014. For those keeping score at home, that’s the lowest our national growth rate has been since the Great Depression.
18:51 // 9 months ago