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February 7, 2014

These refugees survived a year and a half in one of the most conflict-laden cities in the world. They were rescued today.

  • 83 the number of civilians living in Homs, Syria that were evacuated from the war-torn region Friday, a year and a half after fighting broke out in the city. “They were living on leaves and grass and olives and whatever they could find,” World Food Programme spokesperson Elisabeth Byrs said of the refugees, many of whom appeared malnourished. source
20:18 // 7 months ago
February 5, 2014

FBI arrests two in California charged with running ponzi scheme

  • $110M was lost in an apparent ponzi scheme that authorities say was run by two owners of a real estate investment firm, Pacific Property Assets, in Southern California. John Packard and Michael Stewart face eleven felony charges, including multiple counts of both bank and bankruptcy fraud. If found guilty on all charges, the pair face up to 320 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines. source
18:19 // 7 months ago
February 4, 2014

Jay Leno liked joking about Bill Clinton. A lot.

  • 4,607Bill Clinton jokes cracked by Jay Leno throughout his tenure as the host of The Tonight Show, the most directed at any one public figure. Here’s a little highly-unscientific statistical analysis we’ll indulge: late-night host jokes about presidents, generally not funny. Jokes about Bill Clinton, even a little less so, when you consider whatever mind-numbing percentage of those were probably Monica Lewinsky jokes. Throw in Jay Leno’s copious innate levels of unfunniness, and the above starts to look like a truly ghastly figure. George W. Bush was the first runner-up with 3,239 wisecracks. source
19:36 // 7 months ago

Thousands of non-Syrians are believed to be fighting in the country’s ongoing civil war

  • 7.5K foreign fighters are believed to be in Syria at this very moment, from more than fifty countries, fighting for the various factions taking part in the civil war that continues to ravage most of Syria. 
  • 1.8K of those fighters are believed to be of European origin, according to a recent report from Israel’s Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.
  • 50+ fighters from the United States are also believed to be in Syria and, given the fact that al Qaeda is believed to be training fighters inside the country’s borders, many nations fear the influx of foreign fighters could lead to new acts of terrorism when the fighters return home. source
18:23 // 7 months ago

New CBO report more than doubles projected ACA job losses

  • 800K jobs were expected to disappear from the U.S. economy by 2021, as a direct result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to original estimates from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.
  • 2M jobs will actually disappear, most of which will be low-wage positions, according to revised projections from the CBO that were released on Tuesday. The new report takes into account a number of potential circumstances that the original report did not deal with, including the likelihood some people will choose unemployment and Medicaid instead of a job with reduced wages. source
14:01 // 7 months ago
January 29, 2014

U.S. House greenlights $956 billion for new farm bill

  • $956B in funding for the nation’s latest farm bill was approved in a bipartisan vote on Wednesday, though more than 100 Democrats and 60 Republicans voted against the measure. The bill is expected to be approved by the Senate, and President Obama has already said he will sign the bill if/when approved.
  • $23B was shaved from the country’s farm and nutritional title programs, nearly six times the $4 billion that Democrats were aiming for, but that’s still astronomically lower than the $160 billion that House Republicans originally requested.
  • $8.6B was cut from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) budget by raising the program’s home heating auto-qualification rules to only cover people receiving $20 per month (or more) in heating assistance from the federal government. The program originally covered anyone receiving any amount over one dollar. source
22:06 // 7 months ago

We The People petition garners enough signatures to earn official response on Bieber deportation

  • 110K+ people have signed a petition on We The People that asks the federal government to deport Canadian pop star Justin Bieber in the wake of his recent legal troubles. source
15:11 // 7 months ago
January 27, 2014

Oh SNAP: Compromise on farm bill reached, complete with food stamp cuts

  • $8B the amount that a compromise farm bill would cut from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program over a decade-long period, according to a preliminary estimate given to NBC News. That sounds bad and is a roughly 1 percent cut, but it could have been a lot worse—the GOP originally wanted to cut $20 billion from the food stamps program. source
21:40 // 7 months ago
January 23, 2014

Massive photo/video collection may prove Golden Dawn to be neo-Nazi organization

  • 14k pictures of a “highly incriminating” nature were discovered on the phones and computers of two recently arrested Golden Dawn politicians and a local party branch head, including photographic evidence proving that alleged murderer Giorgos Roupakias was a member of (or affiliated with) the far-right political party. Golden Dawn has denied all affiliations with Roupakias since he told police he was a member of the organization following his arrest last year.
  • 900 videos were also discovered on the devices, some of which apparently show members of Golden Dawn receiving armed training at unspecified summer camps. The discovery is unlikely to help three members of the party who currently face charges of running a criminal organization with intent to overthrow Greece’s democratically-elected government. The party continues to deny all charges of wrong-doing, and has announced plans to sue three judicial officials who are overseeing investigations of Golden Dawn’s alleged criminal activities. source
17:48 // 7 months ago

If you feel like you didn’t get a lunch break today, this number is for you

  • 48% the percentage of workers whose lunch hour is more like a lunch half-hour. That’s still an overestimation. For a lot of us it’s more like a lunch quarter-hour, most of that time spent acquiring said lunch. source
13:23 // 7 months ago