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January 23, 2014

Massive photo/video collection may prove Golden Dawn to be neo-Nazi organization

  • 14k pictures of a “highly incriminating” nature were discovered on the phones and computers of two recently arrested Golden Dawn politicians and a local party branch head, including photographic evidence proving that alleged murderer Giorgos Roupakias was a member of (or affiliated with) the far-right political party. Golden Dawn has denied all affiliations with Roupakias since he told police he was a member of the organization following his arrest last year.
  • 900 videos were also discovered on the devices, some of which apparently show members of Golden Dawn receiving armed training at unspecified summer camps. The discovery is unlikely to help three members of the party who currently face charges of running a criminal organization with intent to overthrow Greece’s democratically-elected government. The party continues to deny all charges of wrong-doing, and has announced plans to sue three judicial officials who are overseeing investigations of Golden Dawn’s alleged criminal activities. source
17:48 // 2 months ago

If you feel like you didn’t get a lunch break today, this number is for you

  • 48% the percentage of workers whose lunch hour is more like a lunch half-hour. That’s still an overestimation. For a lot of us it’s more like a lunch quarter-hour, most of that time spent acquiring said lunch. source
13:23 // 2 months ago
January 22, 2014

Pentagon pushing for all or nothing on Afghan troop levels

  • 10K troops should remain in Afghanistan to help with peace keeping operations, according to a new recommendation from senior Pentagon officials. The recommendation also says that, if the United States isn’t willing to leave at least 10,000 active duty soldiers inside the country, they should bring home every single service member currently stationed in Afghanistan. To station any less would leave those who remain incapable of defending both themselves and the diplomats, military officials, etc that they’d be responsible for. source
14:20 // 3 months ago
January 21, 2014

Study: Black Airbnb hosts earn less, penalized more than non-black hosts

  • 3,500 Airbnb listings were harvested for information by two professors from Harvard Business School, who originally wanted to study the design of online marketplaces, but Benjamin Edelman and Michael Luca quickly discovered what they believe to be evidence of racial discrimination in the corresponding data. 
  • 12% the amount in higher fees non-black Airbnb hosts can successfully charge, on average, over black hosts, according to the study. Airbnb has refuted the study’s findings, saying that they were “flawed” and that partial, almost two-year-old data from a single city with Airbnb service hardly amounts to proof of regular discrimination by the service’s users. source
16:46 // 3 months ago
January 20, 2014

Windows XP, like a cockroach, won’t go away. Here’s one symptom.

  • 95% the percentage of ATMs in the United States—there are roughly 420,000 in total—that run on Windows XP. That could be a big problem for the financial industry, as Microsoft plans to stop supporting Windows XP in April. So yeah, oops. source
15:44 // 3 months ago
January 19, 2014

Hundreds visited local hospitals after West Virginia chemical spill

  • 411 the number of patients that have been treated for various chemical-related ailments at local hospitals since the West Virginia chemical spill took place nearly two weeks ago. The last bans on drinking water ended Saturday, but the period was harrowing for those affected: The West Virginia Poison Center had received 2,302 calls from people concerned about the effects of the ban on both themselves and their animals. source
12:39 // 3 months ago
January 15, 2014

Bridge scandal hasn’t soured Gov. Chris Christie’s public image in New Jersey

  • 50% of registered New Jersey voters contacted for a new Quinnipiac University poll believe Governor Chris Christie’s claims, that he did not know about or have a role in a traffic scandal currently rocking his administration, but acknowledge it will likely have an effect on any presidential ambitions he may have had.
  • 40% said they now see Gov. Christie as a bully, though the New Jersey governor also found largely favorable responses among those polled, with 54 percent saying they saw Christie as more of a leader than a bully. source
15:14 // 3 months ago
January 14, 2014

Trillion dollar budget deal would keep the government open through September 30

  • $1.1T will be needed to fund the government through the end of September, according to a new bipartisan budget deal being championed by Republican House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers and Democratic Senate Appropriations Chairman Barbara Mikulski. The bill should help legislators avoid a repeat of the 16-day government shutdown that took place last year, and will be introduced on the House floor on Wednesday. source
17:18 // 3 months ago

School shooting in leaves several students injured in New Mexico

  • 2+ children have been hospitalized following a shooting at Berrendo Middle School in Roswell, NM on Tuesday morning. The suspected shooter is now in police custody; however, the school remains on lockdown at this time. The rest of the students from the middle school have been bussed to a nearby mall, and are being released to their families as we speak. source
15:13 // 3 months ago
January 13, 2014

Nigeria’s new anti-gay law makes it illegal to meet with other gay people

  • 38 the number of countries on the African continent that have discriminatory laws targeting gay people—roughly 70 percent of the continent. Nigeria took another step on this front Monday by passing a law, the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which outlaws LGBTQ people from even holding a meeting in public. People who break the law face up to 14 years in prison. source
20:23 // 3 months ago