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March 20, 2014

General avoids prison time and loss of benefits with plea deal

  • Zero The number of hours that Brigadier General Jeffrey A. Sinclair will spend behind bars, thanks to a plea deal that saw the alleged rapist accept responsibility for military crimes that would not be considered criminal in a civilian court. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to drop both of the sexual assault charges against Sinclair, clearing the way for a sentence that includes little real punishment other than the revocation of four months’ pay. Because justice, or something. More details here.
15:13 // 7 months ago
March 19, 2014

Toyota agrees to pay more than $1 billion in new settlement

  • $1.2B in fines will be paid by Toyota as part of a settlement with the U.S. Justice Department; a settlement that also requires the company to admit it misled consumers about a safety issue that caused some cars to speed up instead of applying the brakes. The fine is the largest ever levied against an automobile manufacturer in the United States, and could serve as a blueprint for a similar settlement in the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation of General Motors. source
14:12 // 7 months ago
March 15, 2014

That new Veronica Mars movie isn’t doing so bad so far

  • $3,450 the average amount that the new “Veronica Mars” movie made at each of its 291 theaters on Friday at the box office, good for ninth place—and the second highest total in the top ten, according to Box Office Mojo. The in-joke-filled film, seen as something of a test for the Kickstarter model, was partly funded through $5.7 million in donations by fans. Making just over $1 million last night, odds are looking good that it’ll make back its budget at the very least. source
14:11 // 7 months ago
March 13, 2014

New numbers from Wednesday’s building collapse in NYC

  • 7 people have been confirmed killed by an explosion that left two East Harlem buildings in ruins on Wednesday morning, and rescuers continue to dig through the remains in search of survivors.
  • 5 people are still missing and more than 60 people have been treated for injuries as a result of the explosion. The New York Fire Department, NYPD and National Transportation Safety Board are now working to determine an official cause for the explosion, which is currently being blamed on a gas main leak. source
13:58 // 7 months ago
March 12, 2014

Early numbers from today’s shocking NYC building collapse

  • 2 people have been confirmed killed after a suspected gas main explosion caused two buildings in East Harlem to collapse on Wednesday morning. 
  • 64 people are being treated for injuries as a result of the collapses, which took place shortly after 9 a.m. local time, and both numbers could rise as emergency workers continue to dig through what’s left of each building. source


17:29 // 7 months ago
March 11, 2014

Now we know why he’s crowdfunding that Shaq-Fu sequel…

  • $1K per week is what Shaquille O’Neal spends on apps for his various smart devices during an average seven-day period, according to a new Wall Street Journal interview with the former NBA All-Star. Suddenly, we don’t feel so bad about spending a couple bucks on Threes last week. source
17:23 // 7 months ago
March 8, 2014
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March 4, 2014

Judge rules Chevron doesn’t have to pay billions in Ecuadorian ruling

  • $9.5B in damages won’t have to be paid to Ecuadorian villagers, as part of a ruling against Chevron that approved by Ecuador’s Supreme Court, according to a trial judge in Manhattan. According to U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, there was clear evidence of corruption in the original ruling, leading Kaplan to refuse to enforce the fine in the United States. Chevron has already pulled the bulk of its resources out of Ecuador, forcing those who filed the suit to try and reclaim damages in other countries where Chevron still has a significant presence. Attorneys representing the Ecuadorian villagers say they will appeal the ruling in the U.S., and will also continue to seek enforcement in other countries as well. source
18:51 // 7 months ago
March 1, 2014

Brutal knife attacks at Chinese train station kill, injure dozens

  • 10+ the number of knife-wielding attackers that descended upon the Kunming Train Station in China’s Yunnan Province on Saturday, a brutal attack that killed at least 28 and injured at least 113, according to state media reports. “I saw a person come straight at me with a long knife and I ran away with everyone,” said one witness, who successfully got away from the attackers himself. The man, Yang Haifei, said that those who couldn’t get away fast enough were the ones who fell victim to the brutal attacks. source
17:30 // 7 months ago
February 26, 2014

New EU anti-smoking regulations hope to drastically reduce number of smokers

  • 2.4M people will quit smoking, if new European Union anti-smoking legislation proves to be as effective as regulators hope. The new rules ban the sale of any pack that carries less than 20 cigarettes, to guarantee packaging is large enough to display newly-mandated warning messages, and brands are also now forbidden from using statements that might imply their product is healthier than other cigarette. Flavored cigarettes, including menthol, will be banned across the EU, and there will be new maximum-concentration regulations for the nicotine cartridges in e-cigarettes. The rules wll come into force this May, and must be adopted by member states within two years. source
15:08 // 7 months ago